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Navigating the New IR35 Rules

Navigating the New IR35 Rules

Navigating the New IR35 Rules: A Guide for Contractors and Companies As April ushers in the implementation of the new IR35 rules, contractors and companies find themselves at a crucial juncture in understanding and adapting to these significant changes. At AVUKE, we are dedicated to providing expert guidance and support to recruitment companies navigating the complexities of compliance in the evolving landscape of IR35.


The IR35 legislation, designed to tackle tax avoidance by contractors operating as disguised employees, has undergone revisions that place greater responsibility on companies to determine the employment status of their contractors. For both contractors and companies, these changes have far-reaching implications that necessitate a comprehensive approach to compliance.

Impact on Contractors:

For contractors, the new IR35 rules mean a shift in how their employment status is determined. Contractors deemed to be "inside IR35" will be subject to PAYE tax and National Insurance contributions, impacting their earnings and financial planning. Understanding the criteria used to assess IR35 status is paramount for contractors to proactively manage their compliance obligations.

Impact on Companies:

Companies engaging contractors must now undertake a thorough assessment of each contractor's IR35 status to avoid potential liabilities. Failure to comply with the new rules can result in financial penalties and reputational damage. Clear communication, comprehensive documentation, and proactive compliance measures are essential for companies to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with IR35 regulations.

How AVUKE Can Help:

As a leading compliance company with over 20 years experience in the recruitment industry, AVUKE is uniquely positioned to assist recruitment companies in navigating the complexities of the new IR35 rules. Our team of compliance experts offers tailored solutions to help recruitment companies:

1. Conduct IR35 Assessments:

We provide comprehensive IR35 assessments to determine the employment status of contractors, ensuring compliance with the new rules and minimising risks for recruitment companies.

2. Implement Compliance Processes:

We help recruitment companies establish robust compliance processes and documentation to accurately assess IR35 status, mitigate risks, and maintain regulatory compliance.

3. Provide Training and Guidance:

Our training sessions and resources equip recruitment companies with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the nuances of IR35 legislation and make informed compliance decisions.

4. Offer Ongoing Support:


AVUKE offers ongoing support and guidance to recruitment companies, keeping them informed of regulatory updates and proactively addressing compliance challenges as they arise.


The new IR35 rules represent a significant change in the compliance landscape for contractors and companies alike. By partnering with a trusted management consulting company like AVUKE, recruitment companies can proactively navigate these changes, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance with IR35 regulations.

Together, we can adapt to the evolving regulatory environment and empower recruitment companies to thrive in the face of change.



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