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The Dilemma of Business Development Activities during and Post covid-19

In the wake of Covid-19 lockdowns worldwide caused by subsequent waves of exponential infection rates, businesses  have slowly started to garner momentum after having had to reinvent their modus operandi in many cases, in order to survive the impact of their drastic change in the interaction with their customer bases.

With the new hopes raised by the discovery and rollout of covid-19 vaccination campaigns, businesses have had to quickly in an agile fashion re-adjust to the new reality and capitalize on the opportunities created by the disruptions.

The moral dilemma of continuing to pursue opportunities with existing and new customers has plagued many a business consciousness because of the enormous losses, bankruptcies seen left and right across the globe.


Nevertheless, there is a need out there for consultancy companies to engage in business development activities because existing and prospective clients still need support and guidance they can trust, perhaps now more than ever. The question posed is not if, but how.

Business Development activities should not resort to push-selling.


What clients want, in times such as these, are partnerships where their fears are assuaged, their burdens are alleviated. They want deep and meaningful relationships with their service providers, and not to be swamped with calls and services that they don’t necessarily need.

There needs to be a mix of empathy and purposeful conversations on the challenges that are currently being faced in the business landscape, and solution-driven service proposals should be presented.


Anticipate Your Clients’ Current and Future Needs


Consultancy Businesses which are truly immersed in their clients needs, and like AVUKE “ work in the business and not on the business” should be able to support the clients in navigating through uncharted waters by helping to hold the helm and capitalize on the opportunities, avoid the riptides and take them to safe harbours. That is true value-added consultancy that brings tangible value that should be raised in Business Development conversations.

Meet New People


The lockdowns and consequent “work-from-home'' now normal, should not be a hindrance to developing new relationships through the virtual landscape. Though we cannot yet meet at that networking coffee break, nor play a round of golf with a prospective client and it has become widely accepted that companies should cut down on travel spending, it is still possible through social media, LinkedIn, and other proliferating platforms, to reach out to new contacts.

Meaningful new relationships can still be established and synergies can be found, and new ways of collaboration and problem-solving can be unravelled remotely with significant cost-saving and bottom-line impact for both clients and consultancy service providers.

Align your public profile with the services you are providing


Given that prospective clients have now established new ways of engaging and deciding what services they require based on their online detailed search for service providers, Consultancy business should be acutely aware of the relevance of the information they post on their webpages, sites, communication outlets, so that there is no misalignment between what they say, what they do, and how they want to be perceived.

You have but one chance to make an impact, and with such information overload via search engines, in a sea of sameness one needs to stand out for that Unique Selling Proposition




Despite the immense upheaval caused by the pandemic, Business Development activities should not be dropped at all. More than ever before, the disruption caused by the pandemic through virtually all paradigms previously “cast in stone” for how businesses should be run, has created numerous opportunities for both enterprises and service providers.

The crux of the matter is not in the if but in the  how.

We have established that through compassionate and meaningful open conversations with clients, tangible value can be added through business consultancy that does not feel like push-selling.

There is a joint discovery journey to be had in the days and months ahead, and those who position themselves for success and resilience in times of strife, are inevitably more appropriately geared towards success for the future


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