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Regardless of the specific business characteristics and challenges your business have and face, we will look at your current ESG development and offer an integrated ESG Program that will foster the ethical path for long term value creation inside out.

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The Goal

The term ESG was first coined in 2005 in a landmark study entitled “Who Cares Wins" and in less than 20 years, the ESG movement has grown from a corporate social responsibility “17 Social Sustainable Development Goals’ initiative launched by the United Nations into a global phenomenon.


Regulators are now calling for companies to put more metrics around their ESG goals, and more customers and employees are demanding businesses take a stand on these issues.


Our ESG Program is an integrated approach program that is developed and executed against a purpose-driven strategy that includes bringing together all stakeholders, organisations operational disciplines and supply chain management. 


We will enable organisations to bring their ESG journey making sure it’s viability by aligning leadership and creating opportunities for employees to engage.


We understand that ESG purpose is not an optional extra or something that you do on the side. We therefore make sure that your ESG Program is a core part of your company goals and long term-strategy. 


Equally we understand the ESG framework can be overwhelming at start. We therefore help by you navigating through the ESG factors that are specifically related to your organisation and industry. And we make sure that once ESG factors are aligned with your company goals and objective it is not reported and measured in vacuum. We will help your personnel taking the lead on processes of gathering ESG metrics to see how your ESG initiatives are performing.


ESG is more than ticking boxes. It’s about making a difference - for your business and the world. Bringing change that drives value and propels growth, whilst strengthening our environment and societies.​

Companies can attract investments by organising transparent performance reports or dialogues that speak to investor ESG priorities.

A company’s reputation determines the interest, labor, and investment received from asset owners, employees, customers and the general public. These stakeholders often use ESG engagement information to form their opinions of a company. 

All ESG principles of financial performance, reputation, worker productivity, risk management, and more prioritise long-term metrics. Long-term success will build the trust of shareholders and stakeholders. This loyalty creates a solid foundation for your company to handle or overcome most economic, environmental, or social challenges.



To effectively implement an ESG program, it requires the integration of ESG into business practices and processes. An ESG program won’t hold up unless it has a framework that clearly outlines where your organisation’s vision and purpose meet your ESG priorities.

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The first step of the ESG Program is important as it sets the foundation for the ESG initiatives and the ESG strategy incorporation. At this stage it is important to clarify the alignment for company goals and vision with the ESG directives, needs and capabilities that will be specific to the company. 


First step involves understanding the business needs and priorities.  This means determining what success looks like to the company and establish ESG objectives that will align with the company goal and vision.


Step two involves diagnosing the current ESG stage through the due diligence and gap analysis process. This step looks at the positive and negative impacts of ESG related factors already existing in the company. The metrics that will be measured during this stage are set objectives that are important to all stakeholders and also impactful to the business.


Recommendation Red Flag reporting based on Due diligence and Gap analysis. This report will give clear indication of ESG score rating and ESG stage and its meaning. This report further outline your new ESG strategy incorporated with your company goals and objectives. Sets clear KPIs to measure with current and expected regulatory environment in your specific industry.


Offer a proposed implementation program not only to help you to identify the factors which will impact the overall direction but to also help you prioritise them and execute the action plan.

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& Metrics

We will take performance data from a set of specific criteria and sources such as peer groups and relevant industry coupled with the ESG Factors to compare your ESG performance based on AVUKE ESG Score Rating.

Once the current ESG Stage is confirmed we will map gaps and potential improvement criteria and priorities. As well as highlight the strength and competitive advantage of your current ESG stage.

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Investors ask most often for metrics on emissions totals, the amount of reduction, and the emissions intensity of companies’ products and services.

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Although data on the benefits of pursuing social issues has been slower to develop, investors are starting to pay more attention to this area.

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Investors remain interested in assessing whether a company has a board committee focused on corporate social responsibility, as well as in the composition of the board as it relates to various diversity aspects such as race, gender, age, and professional experience and skills.


& ScoreRating

Our ESG score rating system helps us assess your ESG stage whether it is Nascent, Canvass, Developed or Advanced. 


We will measure the relevant ESG factors that are aligned to your business vision and goals and set out at the beginning of our ESG Program. 

We have created a more objective score rating model as we believe that it is important to factor in company specific dynamics such as size, challenges and industry. 

AVUKE scoring system will look at different stages and experience of ESG - take into account the fact that different companies face different challenges, assigning each criteria with varying weights for each sector.


We help to make sure your specific industry meets ESG requirements and you are able to drive your business ahead undeterred.


Whether your organisation is at the start of your ESG initiative journey, need guidance on ESG best practices or at a full ESG advanced stage and need help with external reporting for investor purposes we are able to help.

We help to make sure ESG is embedded into company strategy, including growth strategy and functional strategies to maximise value and build resilience in a changing climate.


  • ESG understanding for business purposes.

  • ESG Corporate Social Reporting.

  • ESG Regulatory requirements.

  • ESG competitive advantage factors.

  • ESG Internal and External priorities.

  • ESG investor impact.

  • ESG alignment.

  • ESG industry specific criteria.

  • ESG external reporting.

  • ESG calculation and score rating.

  • Understanding of Environmental key factors specific to industry and organisation.

  • Social key action factors and internal and external engagement.

  • Governance key requirements and impacts.


An integrated ESG Program that will help you to;

Understand silent material issues relevant to your industry, stakeholder mapping, business purpose and priorities as well as alignment with regulatory requirements.

Assess strengths and weaknesses of existing programmes compared to best practices, the market, peers and shareholder expectations. Outlined Red Flag recommendation report based on findings.

Implementation program not only to help you to identify the factors which will impact the overall direction but to also to help you prioritise them and provide strategic support to execute the action plan.


We can help you with your ESG initiatives to make sure your business foster ethical path for long term value creation inside out and ESG competitive edge. 

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Our Services

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